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The Whispered World

  • The game takes place in Silentia, a dream fantasy world of a young, sad circus-clown named Sadwick. The story starts as he wakes up in his travelling circus trailer after having experienced a recurring nightmare, where he sees the world falling apart.

    Sadwick wanders off to a nearby forest and meets Bobby, a Chaski, messenger of the King. Bobby is heading to Corona, the royal floating castle, to deliver a powerful artefact, Whispering Stone, to the king. He claims the end of the world is near and that the land is already breaking apart and that Asgil, hideous horde of underground creatures, are surrounding Corona. He tells Sadwick he has been unsuccessfully seeking an oracle named Shana who may have advice on shortening his trip, and asks Sadwick to help find her. Sadwick believes she could interpret his nightmares and convinces Bobby to give him the Whispering Stone to activate a secret passage that could lead him to Shana. Shortly after Bobby gets scared away and disappears in what Sadwick believes was an Asgil attack. Sadwick manages to locate Shana and finds out that his destiny is to destroy the world.

    Shana directs Sadwick to a nearby island to find mysterious Kalida who eventually takes him near Corona. There Sadwick manages to listen in to the plans of Asgil leader Loucaux but gets captured and thrown in a jail cell. After successfully escaping, he manages to board a flying train to Corona, where he meets Bobby again who tells him that he is too late and the king has locked himself in his quarters. After exploring the castle, Sadwick finds a model of planetary system linked with space-and-time itself. He meets the royal astronomer who tells him that the Whispering Stone represents the planet Silentia in the model of 5 planets and that he must repair the system to restore the balance and activate the fountain of Water of Life to wake the king who has fallen ill.

    Upon repairing the mechanism, a blue sphere from Sadwick's nightmares appears saying that Sadwick is inevitably ending the world. Trying to prevent that, he jams the planetary system's mechanism and the time itself stops with castle and world breaking into pieces. The asgil attack the castle, but Sadwick manages to trick Loucaux and reactivates the mechanism again, restoring passage of time. He escapes and arrives at king's quarters, where he instead finds familiar settings and a large mirror. Upon looking into the mirror, another boy drags him into a room with two opposite mirrors. The boy explains that in reality Sadwick is this boy lying in a coma in a hospital and that the blue sphere is his father reading him stories. Sadwick then breaks the mirror he came from and wakes up in the real world.

  • Solve mysterious riddles and challenging puzzles.
  • Meet an incredible array of wondrous characters in a vast beautiful world.
  • Experience a massive point and click adventure.
  • An unforgettable and epic story.


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