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I knew that the @#$% at NAP gaming were waiting for us to add a price to one of our products so that he could add a lower price (and he did)..... so we PUMPED the price and lowered it again, then I wondering why, and realized that he know we here at GameHunt have products that looks better, install better and work better.... and he knows that....



Then there is the page he added to his website especially for me to read, because he was so jealous that we had games on our online shop that he was to stupid to work out, how to make it work without the "emulator bypass", and is still there today even AFTER his claim of a "proper" crack. SO SLOW.....


Well MR. NAP gaming let me come down to your level and explane the reality to you, I am sure that none of MY clients know about YOUR web site as you call it, and none of YOUR clients know about MY online shop, see? BUT.... I am 100% sure, if one of YOUR clients find my online shop they would rather pay the R20 to R50 price difference in a heart beat..... but you can not say the same if one of MY clients see YOUR amateurish web site that look like a 6 year old have done it.  Comprende ese?  

I have responder to the thread mail you have send me, and I quote "YOU started this YOU end it"....

In my next feedback update I WILL name you and shame you.... I am not warried if my clients know about your web site.  


As requested, the original post by NAP Gaming..... Click Here

And here is their mail response 06/10/2017.... Click Here. Like I said "NAP Gaming will respond soon."



This page is to put info around to the idiot at NAP gaming only. (no names used)

We don't need a list of games that we do not add to our online store because of "offline cracks" that are only "emulators" and not proper cracks. Their are no emulator type cracks that does not do the same job, as any other crack in the past, that have issues.... WHY? Easy, because we have tested and played them ourselfs with no issues wat so ever. We don't have to wait for "proper" cracks beacause there are no need to.

We do not have to watch for other SITES (wink wink, they know who they are) to see if they have any game titels that we don't have on our online shop or what kind of "emulator type" game titles they have added to their site, to bring it to the public's attention.

If YOU have game crashes and stability issues with games on YOUR PC do not blame the crack, most likely you need a proper gamers PC (get rid of your calculator brah) or simply just update your software needed to play a game properly.

So be sure that YOU are informed about what we are all about and that we are not just after money, but promise a "proper" working produckt or your money back.

We do not have to swoop down to the level of others SITES (wink wink, they know who they are) because we are UP HEREcool with our proper products that looks better, install better and work better.... and YOU are down thereembarassed with your crap trying your best to follow in out footsteps. SO SLOW....

Why SO SLOW? Because using catchphrases like. "product ready for shipping" mean "We don't have it yet" or "SPECS and DESCRIPTION: WILL ADD SOON" on products that have been uploaded for three months and longer mean "I am such a lazy !@#$%^". And the best one for last "Clearance Stock! Only 1 Left. No returns on Games and Software." mean "I lost my master copy we can not use our last copy as a master" or NO WAIT! he thinks there are bigger idiots out there than himself? Now i'm not fluent in IDIOT like you, could you please explain that to all of us?




It takes a lot of time to test and prepare a produckt to make sure YOU, the client gets a proper working game. BUT...

As you will notice, we have most of the games listed on our online store, not like other SITES that are to lazy to add them. We add everything because we have them, we also add all info to the products so that you can decide yourself if you want it or not. Other SITES claim that there are issues with most games not on their SITE but we all know the true reason for them not having it.

If you do have any requests for a backup of your game that you don't find on our online store, then send me a mail to "". We will then add it for you, we WILL NOT wait until there are enough requests to add it to the shop.

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